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Does the term resort give you the shivers? No worries. The term resort here does not refer to wristbands and an all-you-can-eat buffet, but to a gated community. Small-scale and exclusive. A place where you find peace, inspiration, reflection and relaxation.

At Bohémi Resort, you can enjoy the peace and nature endlessly. It is located on the estate of the authentic Landhuis Klein Sint Michiel. 

Most villa's have a private pool. There is also a central swimming pool with a lounge area and sun terrace. Start your day with a refreshing swim, or end it with a homemade cocktail poolside.

The houses stand between the ancient trees and next to the Saliña of Boca Sami with its exotic pink flamingos. The surrounding nature is a protected nature reserve with special flora and fauna. You imagine yourself in another world between the colorful birds.

Image by Kyaw Tun


View the villas for more information and availability.

Are you looking for a beautiful holiday villa, away from the bustle of Jan Thiel and yet centrally located? Then one of Bohémi's special design villas is for you.

Not just any holiday home. Staying in an exclusive Bohémi Villa is an experience in itself. History, nature and authentic Curaçao life come together on the plantation of the historic country house Klein St. Michiel. View over a protected nature reserve. Surrounded by ancient trees. Being sung by the trupial. A flamingo as a neighbor. Shower under the starry sky. In a Bohémi villa you experience an oasis of peace and yet you are close to the city.  

Your villa has an exclusive design with a modern Caribbean look. The villas are all built under architecture.



Outside HB_edited.jpg


There are several recycling bins from Green Force Curaçao at the Resort. In Curaçao more and more waste is being recycled. There are a number of organizations that embrace this. We are of course happy to contribute to this, to keep nature as beautiful as possible and to do our best together to make a positive difference. Through Green Force Curaçao we can recycle plastic PET bottles and aluminum cans from ourselves and guests. We are therefore very happy with this!

The villas are built with sustainable building materials and according to European standards. The kitchens, built-in appliances and sanitary facilities come from Europe.

Electricity through solar panels

Since November 2022, it has been possible to install solar panels on the roof of Villa Peace. This is our first energy-neutral villa. The test with solar energy turned out well. That is why most villa's have solar panels now on our resort. Despite the use of renewable energy, we encourage people to use electricity sparingly. For example, by turning off the air conditioning when you are away. Steps have also been taken from Bohemi itself, such as more economical electrical appliances and LED lighting.


In addition to the use of solar panels, well water is used for our gardens. This means that the water is extracted from the ground with a pump.

Tap water is taken from the sea here on Curaçao and purified locally. This makes the water of high quality and perfectly drinkable.

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